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Sunday, January 24, 2010


Few days back as i was going through the news paper and I read about the decision taken by the Ministry of Human resource development to de-affiliate 44 deemed universities of their deemed status. I went through the list of institutes and the first thing that ran through my mind was 'do i have any friends studying in any of these institutes?'. Well thankfully the answer was no. But think about all those people who had either taken a degree from those institutes or those who are currently pursuing one. The very thought is scary, to say the least.

Picture this, lets say that each of these institutes were there for atleast 5 yrs, now each of the institutes mentioned in the list were technical or med schools so it will be fair to assume that they enrolled ATLEAST 250 students each. If we multiply these figures then atleast 55000 STUDENTS had to bear the brunt of a blind educational system.

This is a huge figure that stares at you and tells you how wrong the educational system has gone towards providing a fare and standard education. We are a country that boasts of being the next super power, a country that is constantly improving upon the role it plays in the international stage, if this is the sorry state of education the it should not be surprising if we do not achieve any of our goals as a country. I know that the first thing that comes to one’s mind is that we also have world class institutes like the famed IIT’S , the IIM’S etc, but we cannot turn our back to the fact that we do have huge loop holes in our system.

Let us ask this question, why did such a scenario occur in the first place. The answer is simple CORRUPTION. It is this plague that has engulfed every system and of course education. How did these institutes get the required clearances in the first place, is there no governing body that takes care of it? is there no governance of these bodies?. Well there are a lot of govt. bodies looking in these matters like AICTE, NBA … and the list continues. If this is so then how did these institutes get recognized? Well just as they say ‘money can buy everything’.. it bought education too. All these institutes are owned by big shots who literally ‘bought’ their way into this. Look at the city of Bangaluru this city alone houses more than 100 technical colleges, some deemed, some affiliated to various universities which are growing like mushroom these days. Apart from Bengaluru there are many such ‘education hubs’ all over the country. Their existence was possible only because of the callous and corrupt attitude of the government. So I think it would not be wrong to say that the government is actually cleaning its own mess, created long ago. Even after reputed institutes like SRM had come under the scanner in the past, it took our government around 3 yrs to initiate an action.

I know that it’s one thing to blog and a different thing to do give solutions, but I think the government and the media are doing very little if not nothing to spread awareness among the people. We even have ads saying”Jago grahak jago” but no ads to warn the students and their parents about the circus that education has today become. So I think we the educated masses must take or try to take a stand and do something about it. A small initiative can be seting up an ngo who works to spread awareness in this matter. Of course the govt has to step in but we can do our part.


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  2. hmmm ...... so true .... something ought to b done about this .... nice blog... but 1 little advice .... it shud b easier 4 da reader to read da blog ..... da colour, background nd font size shud b such that the reader doesnt hv to put much effort in readin ur blog .... i mean i think u shud increase d font size a bit nd also d colour of d font nd d background shud hv sme contrast .....

  3. wow ! what a 'controversial' topic to start the blog.... impressive work ! but as "harshi" said, u need to keep the text (font and colour) easily readable...

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